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Our Staff

English Congregation

Robert Chan

Minister of Student Ministries

Brian Tung

Minister of Equipping and Fellowship

Adam Co

Interim Lead English Congregation Pastor

Ben Asuncion

Minister of Southeast Asian Ministry (SEAM)

Church Wide Staff

Reverend Peter Chung
Honorary Advisory Pastor

Pastor Alan Chan
Acting Senior Pastor

Pastor Garrett Ho
Pastor of Church Operation

Minister Ian Yeung
Minister of Worship & Music

Minister Justin Chang
Minister of Community Outreach

Pastor JuJu Huang
Mandarin Congregation Pastor

Pastor David Wang
Mandarin Congregation Pastor

Minister Wang Zhi
Mandarin Congregation Minister

Pastor Daniel Chan
Cantonese Congregation Pastor

Minister Paul Cui
Cantonese Congregation Pastor

Pastor David Chi
Pastor of Glendora Mission

Minister Daniel Yang
Glendora Missions Minister

Minister Michelle Tang
Music Minister

Mrs. Pauline Chan
Children’s Ministry Coordinator

Mrs. Jade Lum
Children’s Ministry

Mrs. Stella Leung
Office Manager

Mrs. Alice Huang

Mrs. Christine Treiu

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