The Story of Jesus (Luke 1:1-4)

The Gospel of Luke Sermon 1 Questions:
1) Luke was aware of the other accounts of Jesus’ life. Why, then, did he choose to contribute an account of his own? And how will his particularly approach help us in our spiritual development?
2) Luke was not an eyewitness, but he was an associate of the apostles and accompanied Paul on his missionary journeys. He is mentioned by name in Colossians 4, 2 Timothy 4, and Philemon. What do we learn about Luke from those references?
3) Sometimes we read the words of Scripture without recognizing the unique circumstances or contexts in which they were penned. Luke wrote his account of Jesus’ life while Paul was awaiting trial in Rome. Although a soldier guarded him, Paul had great personal liberty and was able to preach the gospel there. Why would an orderly account of Jesus’ life be useful at that time? What emphasis might we expect to see, knowing the context in which it was written?

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