The Church that Prays Together (Acts 4:23-31)

  • When Peter and John were released, they went back to their companions (literally, “their own”) to report what had happened (v23). There is a strong sense of identity with the early followers of Jesus, even those who had recently begun following. Does this sense of identity and belonging resonate with you? What accounts for it, considering all of the different areas of commonality that people may have?
  • The church responds to the news by praying to God (v24ff). Their spontaneous prayers were aligned – with one accord – as they acknowledged God’s sovereignty. What is the nature of your congregational prayer? Do you regularly pray with others, or is prayer primarily a private practice? How might you reflect the practice of the early church in this passage?
  • Having hear the threats that the Sanhedrin leveled against Peter and John, the people make a request of God. They pray for boldness to share the gospel. What else could they have prayed for? In what way is theirs a prayer of obedience and faithfulness? What would boldness look like in your life?
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