Adult Fellowship Groups

The Adult Fellowship Groups are designed to provide community and encourage spiritual growth for our adults; no life stage is excluded! These groups meet weekly and fellowship through the singing of worship songs, the study of Scripture, and sincerely walking through life together.

Our Young Adult Fellowship meets weekly at the church. It offers an opportunity for young adults to connect and fellowship together. Topics such as identity, relationships, and vocation are among those covered to care for adults in this stage of life.

A selection of additional Adult Fellowship Groups also meet weekly, either at the church or at the homes of church members. For those in the vicinity of MBCLA, consider joining groups that meet on ThursdayFridaySaturday, or Sunday! We also have groups in Pasadena, West LA, and Covina. If we do not have a group nearby that you can attend, we'll start one!

Contact our minister of fellowship, Garrett, for more information.