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The Holy Spirit: Arrival and Empowerment (Acts 2:1-13)

Questions for Acts 2:1-13  1) There seems to be a pattern in Scripture: An act of obedience by His people leads to a supernatural work of God. Cite examples from Scripture of this pattern. In Acts 2, what is the act

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The Faithfulness of the Early Church (Acts 1:12-26)

 Questions 1) What is Jesus’ call (mission) to the disciples? Why is the call so important?  2) Prayer is a central ministry of the disciples. Does prayer hold a significant place in your life and the church? If not, what

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A Holy Dissatisfaction (Acts 1:1-11 )

1) Traditionally, the Book of Acts refers to the apostles. Other suggestions include Acts of the Holy Spirit, Acts of Jesus Christ, or Acts of the Early Church. Which of the titles would you select and why? 2) How is

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