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Last Updated: 7/4/2020

Staff News

Welcome to Dr. Ian Yeung and his wife Michelle. Dr. Yeung is our new Minister of Worship and Church Music. 



We mourn together with Caleb Wang on the passing of his grandmother on June 27.


Summer Adult Sunday School

New classes begin next week. These are opportunities to grow our understanding, affections, and abilities so that we may live with renewed dedication and serve with greater effectiveness. Contact a teacher for the link today!

Classes for July:

  • Explore Missions, taught by Deacon Brent Davis and Kenny Liu <mission@mbcla.org>
  • The Heart of a Shepherd, taught by Pastor Garrett Ho; email Bobby Lee <skgbob@yahoo.com> to join
  • How to Be The Church in The Community, taught by Minister Justin Chang <changsjustin@gmail.com>

Please see the handout for the full list of classes and their descriptions.


Office Closed

The church office will be closed because of the recent spike in COVID-19 cases until further notice. See news.mbcla.org for more detail.


Hymn Celebration 2020 

Theme:  Hymns of Assurance & Comfort

Purpose:  For Children and youth to familiarize themselves with hymns

Participants:  Kindergarten—High School

Date:  Saturday, September 12, 2020

Registration Deadline: Sunday, August 9, 2020

For more information go to MBCLA.org/children


Church Re-Opening Update

The church has begun to provide weekly updates concerning the physical re-opening of the church. You can view these updates every Friday at news.mbcla.org or on the English Facebook page. Subscribe or look for these updates in order to pray and prepare.


5 Days ZBS (Zoom Bible School

“Amazing Creatures”   For children who finished 1st – 3rd grades

Contact Pauline Chan (paulinechan@mbcla.org) for more information


 “Truthfulness”  For children who finished 4th – 6th grades


Contact Jade Lum (jadelum@mbcla.org) for more information


New to MBCLA

If you are new to MBCLA, finding our church through our online worship services, contact Minister Justin (Justinchang@mbcla.org) for more information and to get connected.


Youth Ministry

Visit facebook.com/mbclaenglishyouth for weekly posts. For contact information for college, high school, and junior high meetings and resources, contact Minister Robert (robert.chan@mbcla.org).


Youth Sunday School – For links to the English Youth (7-12th grade) Summer Sunday School electives @ 11am from July to August, contact Minister Robert (robert.chan@mbcla.org).



During this time, online giving is available at online-giving.mbcla.org. If you prefer, you may also mail checks to the office, but please be sure to send them to the MBCLA Main Campus at 110 W Woodward Ave, Alhambra, CA 91801.


Prayer Meeting

Prayer Meetings will be held online through Google Chat on Wednesdays @ 7:00-8:00pm. If you have any questions, email Minister Robert (robert.chan@mbcla.org).


To subscribe to the weekly prayer bulletin or to send requests for the prayer bulletin, email mbclaprayer@yahoo.com. We encourage you to commune with the Lord and remember the needs of the church, community, and world through prayer at home.

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